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Photovoltaic solar panels

Supply and install photovoltaic solar panels


Each system is made up of one or more photovoltaic (PV) panels, inverter(s) a mounting system that holds the solar panels. When the system is ready to go it has to be connected to the grid by our Aus-grid approved electrician.

How you decide to use this free electricity is up to you. Feeding back into the grid is at present the last thing to do as the tariffs are very low. Storing the free electricity in solar batteries is the way forward, with an aim to become independent of the grid.

We supply a range of these panels

A small PV system may provide energy to a single consumer, or to an isolated device like a lamp or a weather instrument.

Large grid-connected PV systems can provide the energy needed by many customers. The electricity generated can be either stored, used directly (island/standalone plant), or fed into a large electricity grid powered by central generation plants (grid-connected/grid-tied plant), or combined with one or many domestic electricity generators to feed into a small grid (hybrid plant). Systems are generally designed in order to ensure the highest energy yield for a given investment. As solar power can be generated during peak hours (when electricity is needed most), it is an attractive source of renewable energy.

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