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Solar Batteries

Technology from the market leader

The sonnenBatterie comes with the experience of 20,000 installed systems - build into each unit, the newest technology for highest independence and maximum longevity. All in a compact case that offers highest flexibility thanks to its modular design.

Dimensions (H/W/D in cm)

Base cabinet (2 kWh): 70/64/22
Dimensions 4 – 10 kWh: 137/64/22
Dimensions 4 – 16 kWh: 184/64/22


1.5 kW - 3.0 kW (single phase)
1.5 kW - 3.3 kW (three phase)

Storage size

2 kWh – 16 kWh
(expandable in steps of 2 kWh)

Design Lifespan

20 years


10 years or 10,000 charge cycles

System intelligence

With the use of predictive charging you maximize your PV output.

Complete storage system

Everything included, ready to connect

Operating mode

single phase, three phase and hybrid

sonnenFlat Packages

There are three energy packages which you can choose from to suit your energy needs.